3 Resolutions For Your Home

Although the new year has come and gone it’s never too late to make resolutions. Here are a few resolutions for the household that are easy to make and easy to stick to.

1) Donate
It is easy for your home to become cluttered. Make a promise to yourself that this year you will not only declutter but also do some good. Over the next couple months choose one room per week and sort through it. As you sort through your items pick out things to take to your local Goodwill or similar donation center. You will be amazed at all the useful things you no longer need. And you can feel good about making someone else’s life better!

2) Showcase the old
Buying new furniture pieces is always fun and exciting but most likely one of your resolutions this year was to be better about saving money. Am I right? In that case you don’t need to buy something new to feel like you have something new! Find an old antique that you have in storage or a piece of furniture that has been pushed to the back of the room. Clean it up and make it a focal point of the room. Don’t be surprised when regular house guests ask where you got this “new piece.”

3) Consider a face lift
The snow, rain, and cold weather have probably taken a toll on the exterior of your home. Since the outside is where people gather their first impressions of your home it is important that it is kept up. Consider a new paint job to give your house a fresh look. Even just a quick touch-up on the trim will make a difference!

Melanie Lovejoy
College Works Painting

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