3 Simple Tricks To Increase Your Productivity– Everyday!

Time is of the essence. At College Works Painting we are constantly working with students and we see that between sports, school, work, and social lives finding the time to get everything done is a constant struggle. Learning tricks to be more productive in your everyday life will help improve your performance in everything you do.

Before going over some ways to be more productive it is important we are all on the same page as to what productivity is. Think to yourself for a minute, what does being productive look like to you?

For many productivity is seen as the ability to produce a lot of work in a short amount of time. While this definition is not completely off the mark, it is missing one key aspect. Productivity is the ability to produce a lot of high quality work in a short amount of time.

Here are some ways to ensure you get more (high quality) work done in a shorter amount of time.


No. 1: To-do lists: The number one habit to make you more productive is learning to use a detailed to-do list. A major productivity blocker is having too many things to do and no order in which to do them, or way to remember all the things that need to get done.

My friends call me the “To-Do List Girl.” My computer, planner, and binders are constantly covered with sticky note reminders for my to-do list. Every night before I go to bed I take 10 minutes to make a list of all the things I need to do and the time frame they need to be completed in. The following morning I check over my list at breakfast to make sure I haven’t forgotten anything. I use an app called Wunderlist to help me stay on top of all my tasks that need to be completed.


No. 2: Do the stuff you don’t like first: Do the most challenging, or things you enjoy least, first. Attacking difficult tasks first means your day can only get easier as it goes on.

From personal experience, I know if I have “shop for new shoes” and “pay utilities” on my to-do list I am clearly going to want to shop first; however if I go shopping first there is a high chance I will continue to put off paying the bills for the rest of the day. My rule for myself is: If I don’t want to do it at all, do it before noon!


No. 3: Know yourself: No one knows you better than you do. You know when you are most productive and how you are most productive, so use that knowledge to your advantage! Be careful to not use that as an excuse though! If you are the type of person who works better in the morning, schedule your day so you can get to bed early and get going with the important things.

I know that while I wish I was good at getting things done in increments, I struggle when I break things up, I am much more productive if I sit down and write an entire paper than if I try to write a little at a time. When I make my schedule I always take this into account and set aside time to complete tasks in their entirety.


If you would like more info on apps, or other ways to increase your productivity, College Works Painting is here as a resource to you. Likewise, if you have found ways to be more productive in your day-to-day life and feel others could benefit from these things, please share them with our readers in the comments below!


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