8 Reasons You Want To Be An Early Riser

Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise. It is no coincidence that the one thing most successful people have in common is getting up early. This secret (or not so secret) weapon is one everyone has access to, but few take advantage of.

1814002178_4867301dd9As a college student and once self-proclaimed night owl, I never thought I would switch to being an early riser. However, I was wrong and let me tell you it has been a godsend. Let’s look at a few reasons why it pays to get up early.

1) You have more energy and are more productive
It may take a cup of coffee first, but the point is once you get going you will be more productive, longer. Early risers use their mornings for planning, organizing, and setting goals for the weeks ahead.

It is also said that the later you wake up, the quicker you lose motivation during the day. Who wants to do work into the evenings anyways? There always seems to be something else to do or someone to hang out with.

2) Time for exercise
Waking up early gives you time for regular exercise. We all know that receiving regular exercise has tons of benefits both physically and mentally. If you’re like me and can’t workout first thing in the morning thats okay! Get your other stuff done so you have time to workout in the afternoon, either way you are still getting the time to do it.

3) No need to hurry
Starting your day late for work, or late for life can really throw you off. I hate rushing with a passion and being late for things is one of my biggest pet peeves. Take your time to do things in the morning. This helps you stay grounded and get more done in less time. Give yourself time to wake up in the morning and enjoy breakfast sitting down instead of trying to eat on the go. Maybe even allow yourself time for a little morning walk.

4) You get time to yourself to get things done
Being up before most people gives you quiet time to get your stuff done before everyone else is bustling around you. Get your house picked up or get to the office early to get your important stuff done before people start arriving and the office gets busy. You also get the perk of less traffic when commuting.

5) More time for fun!
This is my personal favorite! I cherish my early mornings because it allows me time to get everything done so I can devote the rest of my day to having fun! As adults we have so many responsibilities and working all day and into the evening is no way to spend your whole like. Wake up early, get your stuff done, and then you can spend time with friends, family, or just doing things you enjoy!

6) Early to bed, early to rise = More restful sleep
Studies show that people who go to bed earlier and wake up earlier are more likely to get the needed hours of sleep as well as have more restful sleep.

7) Everyone is doing it (at least everyone you should aspire to be like)
Check out this list of 29 successful people that wake up really early and find out how they take advantage of their time.

8) Experience a whole new view of the world
Only a handful of people can claim to see the sunrise regularly or hear the beautiful sound of the birds chirping early in the morning. Be one of those people.

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