9 College Necessities Students Can Save Money On

You are out from under your parents wing and finally you are managing your money all on your own. You work and work and work, but when it all comes down to it, you never seem to have enough money. Where does it all go?

Managing your money well is not only an important habit to learn when your young, but it will also help contribute to future financial success. There are many ways to save money, some are more drastic than others, but when it comes down to it the reality is students waste a lot of money.


Here are 9 college necessities you can still save money on:


Textbooks: Textbooks cost a ton and are sold back for close to nothing. Renting books, or creating a seller account on Amazon.com is a great way to ensure you don’t lose as much money in textbooks each year.

Tuition: If you want to graduate with a degree from a specific school but don’t want to rack up the bill for expensive credits, take as many of your general classes through a community college or get them out of the way with AP classes in high school. Warning! Be sure to make sure the credits are transferable!

Transportation: Having a car can be one of the biggest wastes of your money. Using a bike or public transportation can save you on four years of parking pass fees, insurance, gas, car maintenance, parking tickets, etc.

Housing: The more people you pack into a house the less it’s going to cost. Get over it. You can live alone when you make more than enough money to live alone. Find people you enjoy being around and cut down on rent and utility costs.

School supplies: Free pens, pencils, notebooks, scantrons, and other necessary school supplies can be found at most “welcome back” type campus events. Stop by and load up of free goodies.

Food: Get creative and social. Join campus organizations that provide food with their lunchtime meetings or become a volunteer at alumni events and eat for free at their functions. A little planning can help subsidize your food bill.

Socializing: Greek life? It sounds like a great idea until the bills start rolling in. You don’t need to buy every t-shirt, or go to EVERY formal and social event- Just go to the free ones or pick and choose wisely.

Credit cards: Skip the credit card and pay in cash. According to Sallie Mae, in 2008, the average graduating college student had a little over $4000 in credit card debt.

Paying full price: Student discounts are available just about everywhere with your school ID. If there isn’t a sign stating a discount, it never hurts to ask. Take advantage of the student discount…it’s going to be years before you get a senior discount!


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