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June 2015

Tips and great articles for both homeowners and students. Here you'll find the Get A Job Blog and the Home Improvement Blog.


Juggling Work & School – Is It Worth It?


by Theresa Clark, Tuesday, June 16th, 2015

WORK AND SCHOOL BLOGNearly 4 out of 5 students work while attending school. The average student works 19 hours per week during the school year. That might not seem like much, but let's put it into perspective. A fulltime student will spend 48 hours per week in class and studying combined. (A full-time student spends 12 hours a week in […]



The 5 Best Ways to Increase Property Value


by Cari Stark, Tuesday, June 2nd, 2015

Homeowner blog curb appeal imageCreating curb appeal has several benefits. Most significantly, curb appeal increases property value. First impressions are a major factor in determining the value of a home. Even a poorly managed front yard can decrease a home's value. Boosting curb appeal can inspire your neighbors to do the same, which would elevate the entire neighborhood. Additionally, […]