College Works Color Choosing Tips: Paint Color And Resale Value

Here at College Works Painting, we know enough about the housing market to know when it comes to selling your home, the exterior paint color can make or break the deal. There are many different factors that play a part in deciding what color is best for the exterior of your home including, location, size, style, and even the color of your roof. The key to finding an attractive paint color is looking for one that will enhance your homes curb appeal without making it look as if it should be in a different neighborhood. Sticking to common colors gives your home a classic look and helps when it comes time to sell your home.

The Safe Colors

White: Backed by market research, white consistently remains on top for most popular home color. According to a survey by Sears, nearly 40% ofAmericans choose white as their primary exterior house color. White can make the home look larger and can brighten up a block. You also have options when painting the trim and can accent with a variety of colors.

Neutral: While white will always be a classic color, many people are looking for a way to modernize their homes. Variations of neutral colors like tans, grays, beiges, and creams are being used for the exterior in combination with white or even a bold color trim to create a modern look. Adding a statement color, such as a deep blue-gray door on a light gray home makes for a modern, classy, and beautiful look.

Dark: Generally, light colors are the safest bet for painting your home. If your home is in an older neighborhood or surrounded by darker colored homes, painting it a light color might make it stand out in a negative way. Medium to dark shades of gray, tan, and blue are common in older, established neighborhoods.

Remember these are general guidelines. I suggest doing some research about your area and assessing the colors of other homes in close proximity to yours before deciding on what color to paint your home.

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