College Works Painting Ranked #1 Internship for Career Development

The results are in and has ranked College Works as the #1 Internship for Career Development and #6 Internship Overall!

Vaults main mission is to provide the intelligence that students and professionals need to build the careers they want, and to partner with companies seeking to engage with people pursuing high-potential careers.

We are ranked among internships at Infosys Instep, Schwab, Capitol One, Nickelodeon, Northwestern Mutual. Read the full list HERE.

Check out our full Vault Profile Page HERE.

The Career Development Category is based on: training and mentoring, quality of assignments, real-life experience and networking opportunities.

Our interns don’t just make copies and poor coffee, that’s why our interns consistently get great jobs when they graduate, and our alumni network opens doors for them at hundreds of companies.

What interns are saying:

  • “With hard work comes progress and personal fulfillment.”
  • “Built confidence in myself and realized how much I am truly capable of. I learned how to create relationships with clients, gained the skills to basically do anything in the business field.”
  • “The culture, friendships, competitive atmosphere, encouraging mentors, incredible excursions, challenging obstacles, and the personal control over one’s success were the best aspects of this program.”
  • “Best opportunity to learn how to run a business with no financial investment.”
  • “Be ready to work your tail off, but learn the most you ever have in your life.”
  • “Entrepreneur development unlike any other.”
  • “The most challenging, yet rewarding thing I’ve ever done.”
  • “The best part is being able to run your own business while in college and apply the things you learn in school to real world situations. There are only a handful of college students who have the experience I have. I will stand out in the application process no matter where I apply.”
  • “Best learning experience a college student can have.”
  • “Gain experience in running your own business in a risk-free and supportive culture.”
  • “I learned how to be successful in the real world, not just the classroom.”
  • “The most difficult internship with the most exciting opportunities and culture.”

We are beyond excited for this ranking! A big THANK YOU to our interns and alumni. Our program wouldn’t be what it is without the path that our super successful alumni have carved for current students to follow in their footsteps.

Tiffany Phelps
College Works Painting

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