Do You Have What It Takes? Easy Ways To Stand Out To Potential Employers

Employers want the best. Companies are working to hire with more precision, which in turn makes it a more competitive field for both employers and those recent graduates competing for jobs.

Our last student tips post gave you an overall idea of a few key things to think about as you begin your quest for employment. Now that you know three broad items employers look for it’s time to start looking at specifics.

Here are some key places to highlight when presenting yourself to a potential employer


No. 1: Basic knowledge of the company

With the digital age we live in, there is no reason why you should go to an interview without at least a basic knowledge of what the company does, what the job your applying for entails, and what working for the company might be like. Being unprepared at an interview is a major turn-off for employers and will most likely guarantee you don’t get asked back. Do your research.

Always have a list of questions prepared to ask the interviewer. This shows you are engaged and will also help you to decide if you feel the position is right for you.

Career Builder offers a list of questions, for you as the interviewee, to ask those that are interviewing you


No. 2: Leadership experience

Many employers look for students that standout as leaders and have previously held leadership positions. Whether you have been captain of a sports team or president of a student organization, employers want to see that you take initiative and have potential to step up and lead within their company.

An article in Fox Business talks about the importance of leadership experience by highlighting that the job market we operate in today has a higher turnover rate than ever before. Because of the high turn over rate employers are looking for people that will move up in there company instead of leave.


No. 3: Internship experience

Internships are known to get a bad rap because, lets face it, no one wants to work for free. However landing an internship can be just as competitive as landing an entry-level job. The thing most people don’t know is that an internship holds even more value on your resume than an entry-level job.

Studies show that, on average, 90% of employers look for students that have held at least one to two internships before graduating. This means that, if you want to stand out to employers, you should expect to put in a minimum of three to six months gaining experience through internships before graduating.

Internships can be found through your school, career websites, or even sites such as Craigslist. Remember the experience you can gain from an internship will benefit you more in the long run than the money you would make working at an entry-level job.


3 things to do after reading this post

  1. Do your research
  2. Be a leader
  3. Get an internship

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