Keep Your Home Warm Without Turning The Thermostat Up

We all know using the air conditioning in the summer makes your bill skyrocket. The same goes for the heater in the fall and winter, but the thought of snow or even just cooler weather makes me shiver! Before you run off to turn up the thermostat try some of these tricks and avoid cranking up the electric bill.

warm-house_800x600No. 1: Close fireplace vents

Fireplaces keep you warm when they are on but if there is nothing burning and you forget to close the vent a nasty draft will make your house cold. Close the vent as soon as the flame is gone and keep your house warm.

No. 2: Close your doors

If there are rooms in your home that you do not use make sure the door is closed. This will keep you from wasting energy heating a room you aren’t using.

No.3: Use your curtains

Use the suns natural heat to your advantage. When the sun is shining open the curtains and let the warmth in. When the sun goes down again close them.

No. 4: Seal or cover drafts

Sealing drafts is possibly the most cost-effective way to cut your heating bill. It not only keeps the winter air out but it also traps the warm air in. You can check out this article in Popular Mechanic about sealing your drafts.

No. 5: Leave the oven open

Did you just cook a fantastic meal? When you’re done turn off the stove and leave the oven open while it cools down. This extra heat will warm up your entire kitchen. If your house is small enough it may heat the whole thing.

How else do you keep your home warm without turning up the heater? Leave your tips in our comments below.

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