Executive Team

Jeff Gunhus

Executive Officer, NSG

Jeff attended the University of California at Santa Barbara, where he studied political science and economics. He is a USA TODAY bestselling novelist with fourteen published books. In his free time he can be found hiking, fishing or working on his latest novel at a coffee shop. He lives in Maryland with his wife and five children.

Spencer Pepe

Executive Officer, NSG

Spencer graduated with a business degree from the University of California at Riverside. He was Ernst & Young’s 1998 Entrepreneur of the Year, a finalist again in 2001, and was a managing partner at Platinum Capital, once ranked #10 in the Inc. 500 for America’s fastest growing companies. He enjoys climbing, whitewater kayaking, fishing and mountain biking.

Jason Reid

Executive Officer, NSG

Going from painter to owner, Jason’s career with the with the company spans 19 years. In addition to College Works Painting, he is also involved with organizations such as TEC and YPO. In his spare time he runs, plays guitar, cooks, and recently received his black belt in tae kwon do.

Matthew Stewart

Executive Officer, NSG

Matthew attended the University of California at Santa Barbara, where he studied political science and history. In 2002 he won the Orange County Business Journal’s “Excellence in Entrepreneurship Award,” and has twice been an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year finalist. Matt is a past Chairman of the Global Board for the Entrepreneurs Organization.

Tracy Meneses

Finance Manager, NSG

Tracy earned a B.A. in Human Development from the University of California at Riverside, and her M.B.A. from California State University, Fullerton. She has developed the critical financial controls we count on here at College Works Painting.

Nancy Meloni

Chief Financial Officer, NSG

After earning her B.A. from California State University, Fullerton, Nancy became a C.P.A. while working with Arthur Young, and went on to hold key positions with many noteworthy organizations. A native Californian, she enjoys traveling, hiking, biking, and riding her “trike”.

Taylor Duncan

Executive Vice President

Taylor played football and ran track at the University of Wisconsin, winning the Rose Bowl with the Badgers. He later graduated from the University of Illinois with a degree in Finance. He enjoys travelling the globe, or anything related to sports. But his real favorite activity is spending time with his wife and 5 children

Tom Ackmann

Executive Vice President

Tom graduated from the University of Illinois in Champaign/Urbana with a degree in General Engineering, and a secondary field in Business Systems Integration and Consulting. In his first year as a College Works Painting district manager he set the national rookie record, and received our District Manager of the Year Award.

Kyle Lindsey

Executive Vice President

Kyle graduated from the University of Illinois with a degree in Political Science. In addition to his Executive Vice President role nationally, Kyle is one of the Presidents of the Great Lakes Division, which include Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, New York and Colorado. He was an intern for College Works Painting in 2009 in Champaign, Illinois. Outside of his professional career he enjoy fishing, hunting and any outdoor activity.

Marc Blumenthal

Chief Business Development Officer

Marc graduated from the University of Illinois in Champaign/Urbana with a degree in Economics and Finance. Some of Marc’s interests include the outdoors and music. He set the Illinois production record as an intern in 2008. Returned as a District Manager in 2009 winning the District Manager of the year award as rookie, followed by another top year as a General Manager in 2010 repeating the national award. His 1st year as a Vice President he set the company record for highest revenue for a start up division.

Rob Sprong

Vice President, Pacific Coast California

Rob was born and raised in Southern California and went to University of California, San Diego to study Economics. He began his College Works Painting career as an intern in 2008 and worked his way up to Vice President of the Pacific Coast California division. Having played competitive sports since the age of 5, Rob is competitive and driven and is known for his ability to motivate others.

Chris Heerdegen

President, ISM

Chris attended the University of Illinois, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Sport Management, Recreation and Tourism. After becoming a College Works Painting co-vice president at age 21, he decided to expand the opportunity into Missouri and Kansas. His hobbies include practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Kajukenbo, kayaking, boating, hiking, and wine-tasting.

Sean Phelps

Vice President, Great Plains & Arizona

Sean attended St. Louis University, where he interned with College Works Painting in our first year there. He was later promoted to vice president, and helped start our Midwest branch. He loves the outdoors. His favorite vacation involves spending time with his family at their cabin in Wisconsin.

Brent Miller

Vice President, Pennsylvania

Brent majored in Communications and minored in Business Administration at Penn State University (University Park), graduating in 2007. After starting his College Works Painting career as a sophomore, he was named National District Manager of the Year in 2009, and holds the district manager record in Pennsylvania. He enjoys Ohio and PA for its outdoor opportunities, including fishing, hiking, and hunting.

Matt Balducci

Vice President, Maryland and Virginia

Matt Balducci attended the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign where he studied Psychology, Communication and Entrepreneurship. Also an athlete, Matt walked on the baseball team until an injury stopped his athletic career. After his senior year, Matt took the corporate route achieving success in sales and consulting for a few years prior to returning to College Works Painting in 2011 to help run the Michigan division. He later worked in our Illinois division and eventually through his success got the opportunity to start the Maryland Division. In 2017 he purchased the Virginia Division, which combined MD/DC/VA into the Mid-Atlantic Division. Matt enjoys working out, rooting on any Chicago Sports team, playing sports, is a huge movie buff, and enjoys spending time with his wife Jackie and son Nolan.

Derek Jorgensen

Vice President, Northern California

Derek grew up in San Diego and obtained a degree in Economics from UCSD. Always competitive in sports and academics, that competitiveness was directed towards business with College Works Painting during his sophomore year of college. From there he set many California divisional records, and finished in the top 3 District Mangers nationwide before becoming a Co-Vice President in Southern California. While a Co-VP, Derek led the acquisition of the Northern California division, and the integration of it’s existing team members. After growing California to $4 million in revenue, he purchased the division in 2014 with Jarric Ramos. Since then he’s been living in San Francisco Bay Area, running the Northern California portion of the company. Aside from a passion for developing fundamental skills in young people, he loves sports, the outdoors, and his wife Tina.

Tiffany Lin

Vice President, Washington

Tiffany is from Southern California where she graduated from San Diego State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. She loves to travel and has expanded College Works divisions from San Diego to the Bay Area as well as Seattle to British Columbia. With numerous nominations for Manager and District Manager of the year, Tiffany is known for her decade of experience and her team’s ability to perform. When not working she can be found at the gym, on the course, or exploring the Emerald City.

Matt Rudig

Vice President, Texas East

Matt earned his degree from University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, and in the same year moved and started the state of Texas. He grew up in Sauk City, Wisconsin, near the state capitol of Madison. He was an all-state athlete in basketball, and all-area athlete in football. Matt joined College Works his freshman year as an intern in 2012. In the following years in Wisconsin as a District Manager, Matt ran and lead two separate teams of interns to $1 Million in annual revenue, the only District Manager in company history to do so, and one of three District Managers ever to lead a team to the $1 Million mark.

Riley Eichhorn

Vice President, North Carolina


Nick Schroer

Vice President, NorthStar


Noah Aldes

Co-Vice President, NorthStar


Daniel Vasquez

Vice President, Pacific Coast California


Jon Carrasquillo

Vice President, New York

I was born and raised in Long Island, NY. My freshman and sophomore years at Stony Brook University were consumed with sports and working part time as a bartender. In 2012, I was a Health Science student pursuing a degree in medicine. That year, as a junior, I was presented with the opportunity to pursue College Works. After completing the program I quickly found that moving forward, I wanted to pursue business. Five years later, I became the Vice President and I look forward to continue growing the NY division.

Michael Rahman

Co-Vice President, NorthStar

My bio…”Originally from the Twin Cities Metro Area before attending Luther College in Iowa. I wrestled competitively for a top 3 team in the country and graduating with a degree in Management and Economics with formal studying of Game Theory and Creative Thinking Methods and TRIZ.”

Austin Killian

Vice President, Pennsylvania/Ohio

Austin attended the University of Pittsburgh College of Business Administration where he majored in Finance and Marketing.  Austin was runner-up for National Intern of the Year in 2014, Rookie District Manager of the Year in 2015, District Manager of the Year in 2016, and expanded the Pennsylvania Division to Ohio in 2017 as CO-Vice President.  Recently, he was appointed Vice President in what is now the fastest growing division within College Works Painting.  Austin has a passion for mentorship and entrepreneurship and in his free time he enjoys traveling and thrill-seeking.

Pilar Barr

Co-Vice President, Pacific Coast California

Tyler Morelan

Vice President, Great Plains & Arizona

Tyler is currently a senior at Kansas State University where he will be graduating with a degree in economics. In his first year with College Works Painting, he set the record for most revenue produced by an intern in the Great Plains division. After managing some of the top interns in the nation as a District Manager, he was promoted to Vice President of one of the largest divisions in the company. He continues to grow and look for new opportunities for development.

Kyle Look

Vice President, Great Lakes

Matt Maneage

Senior Vice President, Great Lakes

Matt grew up in Wisconsin, graduated from UW Madison with a personal finance degree. Was the top intern in WI the year it started (2011). As a District Manager the next year he won rookie DM of the year. Big sports fan who loves traveling to sporting events around the country.