What It’s Like

Concerned about your lack of experience? Maybe a bit intimidated? Don't be. Few College Works Painting candidates have had any management experience. That is what we teach. Rest assured, if you possess the desire, background, work ethic, outgoing personality and drive to succeed, you'll fit right in as one of our interns, and go far with us.
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What Are Students Saying About The Internship?


"I've Never Run A Business Before!"

Most candidates to the program are concerned about their lack of experience. It can be intimidating to think of running all aspects of a small business including hiring employees, estimating projects, controlling costs, and managing a profit. The good news is that very few of the thousands of successful past participants had any more experience than you. Our highly selective interview process screens applicants based on their demonstrated ambition, work ethic, interpersonal skills, and desire to learn. With those foundations in place, our proven training process ensures a successful summer.

The Training Process

Classroom Manager Training

Classroom-style instruction with small group role-plays. All fundamentals are covered. Extensive question-and-answer sessions.

Field-Training with District Manager

Your DM teaches you how to apply what you learned in training. Every time you do something new, your DM helps you.

District Manager Support

Strong and structured mentorship, in-field training and supervised learning.  You will work closely with your District Manager all Spring and Summer.  Expect formal meetings every week and drop in attention a few times per week.  Weekly phone calls for progress updates, goal setting, and additional training. Calls continue throughout the program.

Paint Training

Learn to paint houses with a DM and other members of your team. Emphasis is on jobsite management.

Production Training

Training before summer. Thorough review of management techniques and production management.

Payroll Fridays

Company-wide meeting every two weeks to turn in customer checks and paperwork. Two hour training led by Vice President and by successful interns.