Arizona Homeowners

College Works Painting has provided painting services and internship opportunities since 1993. As a fully insured and licensed house painting company, our fully vetted student painters provide exceptional painting services throughout Arizona. We provide free painting estimates for all exterior house painting projects and we offer Arizona homeowners a one year complimentary guaranty of quality which we include in the house painting cost.

Our reputation is based on the work we do on your home. The College Works Painting student interns communicate with you regularly throughout the entire process. Our house painters focus on prep work to ensure a paint job that lasts for years. And our leadership team works closely with the house painters and student painters to ensure perfection. We’re an experienced and professional painting company that provides exceptional paint jobs at a fair price.

As an experienced house painting contractor in Arizona, College Works Painting knows how important it is to paint properly in the heat. Heat can affect paint adhesion because heat can cause the paint to dry too quickly which can result in bubbling, blistering, or peeling paint. However, our house painters are trained to avoid paint flaws. We train our crews to follow the sun around your home to avoid painting in the direct sunlight. This ensures the surface does not overheat and disrupt the curing process. This is one of several areas we cover in our extensive training process.

Due to our attention to detail, the quality materials we use, and the pride we take in getting the job done correctly, we have a 97% customer satisfaction rating.

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Arizona Students

At College Works Painting, we understand how frustrating it can be to get quality work experience as a college student. College students today face one of the toughest job markets in history. Thousands of students will graduate in Arizona each year and will compete for jobs. Entry level jobs that used to go to recent college graduates now go to job-seekers with years of experience.
As a college student, you have three opportunities to separate yourself from your peers: your three summer breaks. It’s important to get an internship in Arizona that will teach you the transferable skills you need to land a job after college.

The College Works Painting internship teaches students transferable skills that can apply to any job after college. While running your painting business over the summer with College Works Painting you will learn integrity, discipline, leadership skills, and how to manage your time and improve your efficiency. We want you to succeed during your College Works Painting internship journey and with all other future businesses you endeavor.

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