College Works Painting

College Works Painting is a college internship in Atlanta for students attending Georgia Tech and other local universities. At College Works Painting college students are given the opportunity to run their very own business. The bones of running a business are generally the same- market, sell, interact with clients, interview, hire, and manage employees, and manage the profitability of your business. College Works Painting is in the house painting business. We take house painting in Atlanta very seriously. With a consistent customer satisfaction rating of 97% and with the goal of obtaining 100% customer satisfaction, College Works Painting is determined to provide exceptional house painting services for each and every house we paint. In addition to this goal, College Works Painting is also determined to give outstanding college students a world-class leadership experience. Since our company’s inception in 1993 College Works Painting has loyally done both. We believe the root of our painting and entrepreneurial success is largely due to training our interns and really investing in their success. For this reason we take our training programs very seriously. Participation is highly encouraged, active listening and learning is required, note taking is expected, and asking questions amongst the group is appreciated.

Our interns aren’t the only members of our team who receive training. We also train our house painters in Atlanta despite their level of experience. This is to ensure the College Works Painting standard is met for each home we paint. In addition, we also train our District Managers who directly mentor and supervise our student interns. We promote continued growth and success at College Works Painting and for this reason we continue to invest in our team members throughout their employment with us. The District Managers nationwide, for instance, get together twice a year for advanced leadership training. The stronger our leadership team is, the more our clients – interns and homeowners alike – will benefit.

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