Augusta (GA)

College Works Painting

College Works Painting is an internship in Augusta. Via the College Works Painting internship college students are given the opportunity to run their very own house painting company. The College Works Painting interns learn every aspect of running a house painting company in Augusta. Almost immediately upon hire our training program begins. The trainings are thorough and intensive in order to achieve optimal success. We want all of our interns to be as successful as possible throughout the course of our program and certainly well after. We also want to provide top quality paint jobs to homeowners. In order to achieve both goals, interns must be thoroughly trained. The College Works Painting training sessions are unique. Proven and award winning entrepreneurs attend the trainings and lecture on various aspects of running a business. Some training sessions even include guest speakers from around the nation who are there specifically to impart wisdom upon our future leaders, these ambitious college student interns. The trainings are not solely lecture based. Participation is encouraged and often times mandatory when group exercises are required. Our training techniques have helped several college students become wildly successful. Check out the success stories from College Works Painting alumni to learn how we helped.

Company culture is very important to us at College Works Painting. We have put values in place and we follow our values enthusiastically. For instance, College Works Painting promotes working hard, playing hard, and having fun. We bring this value of ours to fruition by taking our student interns on team building events throughout the summer. Various activities are held during these events, be it a ropes course, rock climbing, or ice-skating. These events bring the interns closer together and strong bonds are created. This is important to us because at College Works Painting, relationships are everything.