College Works Painting

College Works Painting is a two-in-one company. We’re a college internship and a top quality house painting company in Baltimore, Maryland. We have two sets of clients – homeowners in need of house painting and driven college students who want to propel their careers. College Works Painting teaches qualified college students how to run their own house painting company in Baltimore. In doing so, College Works Painting provides professional painting services to homeowners at a fair price. Due to the substantial training the College Works Painting interns undergo, our paint jobs are top notch and withstand climate conditions (which is to say our paint jobs last). Because the College Works Painting internship teaches students how to run a painting business, the College Works Painting interns learn every aspect of running a business firsthand and they learn every aspect of properly and professionally painting a house. The students need to fully understand proper paint application and technique, including the importance of pre-painting preparation work, in order to effectively manage their crew of house painters. Our training seminars begin almost immediately upon hiring our team of interns and continue throughout the entirety of the program. This is to ensure intern success and customer satisfaction.

At College Works Painting we believe that success is best achieved through the support of a team. For this reason our interns get full support throughout the program from our corporate staff and from the leadership team at College Works Painting. In addition, our interns have a direct mentor – a District Manager. The interns communicate with their District Manager weekly if not daily. No intern does anything alone the first few times. Rather, their District Manager is there to support and guide them. Because our District Managers play such an important role in the intern’s success, we invest in the District Manager’s success as well via formal seminars and trainings. At College Works Painting, we aim for results and we fully understand that relationships are everything.