Bloomington (IL)

College Works Painting

College Works Painting is a college internship. Since the year 2000 College Works Painting has taught college students how to run a house painting company. Doing so, we have provided homeowners with top quality house painting services in Bloomington, Illinois since that time as well. The College Works Painting internship is unique because our program is hands-on. Our college interns learn every aspect of running a business firsthand. College Works Painting is also a unique experience for homeowners. Homeowners who choose College Works Painting get the unique experience of working with and supporting local college students, most of whom attend OSHA regulated safety requirements. By the time the interns interact with homeowners, they are thoroughly trained and capable of offering the most up-to-date and relevant painting advice and services.

Company culture is very important to us at College Works Painting. We believe that balance is the real measure of success. For this reason, we have created a company culture that balances working hard and having fun. We teach our interns the importance of balance firsthand by taking them on team building type events throughout the summer. At College Works Painting we work hard, play hard, and have fun.