Bloomington (MN)

College Works Painting

College Works Painting is a college internship and a house painting company in Bloomington, Minnesota. Our program is designed to deliver top quality house painting services to homeowners in need of a professional paint job and to teach qualified college students how to run a house painting company. At College Works Painting we are determined to deliver a world-class leadership experience to ambitious college students looking to propel their careers. The College Works Painting interns learn every aspect of running a business firsthand. For this reason, College Works Painting interns transform into talented business people. The skills obtained by the College Works Painting interns can be applied to any job position in any industry. Therefore, College Works Painting alumni successfully compete in the job market after graduation (or even before). Some success stories from College Works Painting alumni have even testified to receiving job offers in an airplane after discussing their experience as a College Works Painting intern.

College Works Painting does everything possible to ensure the greatest amount of success is achieved by each intern participating in the program. We start by training our interns, and we’re talking thorough and intensive training. The entire Minnesota team, students from Minnesota State University Mankato, St. Cloud State University, University of MinnesotaDuluth, University of Minnesota Twin Cities, and Winona State University, get together for formal intern training and paint training. The intern training covers business topics such as marketing, selling, booking work, interacting with clients, payroll projections, and managing the profitability of the intern’s business. Paint trainings, on the other hand, cover all aspects of painting a home properly. This includes color selection, paint application, pre-painting preparation work, OSHA regulated safety practices, and managing a crew of house painters in Bloomington. The trainings make it possible for the interns to be successful and for homeowners to receive a top quality paint job.

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1565 PENNSYLVANIA AVE N (completed Jul 08 12)


1449 TOLEDO AVE N (completed Aug 07 12)

Houses in University City, MN

8117 Amherst Ave (completed Jul 26 07)