College Works Painting

College Works Painting is a college internship and a house painting company in Boston, Massachusetts. It is our mission at College Works Painting to deliver top quality house painting services to homeowners and to provide students with a world-class leadership experience running their own house painting business. The College Works Painting internship is designed for ambitious college students who want to propel their careers. Today, the only way to adequately prepare for the job market after college is to gain practical and competitive work experience while still in college. College Works Painting helps college students do just that. By teaching college students how to run a proper business, delivering professional and top quality house painting services to their clients in Boston, college students build their resume and ultimately jump start their careers. Homeowners benefit from College Works Painting as well. Not only do homeowners receive a great paint job at a fair price, they also have the pleasure of working with an exceptional college student local to their community. The money earned from the College Works Painting internship helps the interns pay for college tuition. In this way, homeowners receive the benefits of working with a major house painting company while supporting their local community.

To ensure customer satisfaction with every house we paint, the College Works Painting interns undergo extensive training. Well before the interns begin to interact with homeowners, they attend several training sessions. The trainings cover all aspects of running a business as well as all aspects of painting a home. We take these trainings very seriously and expect our interns to do the same. When the interns have successfully completed our intensive training program, they begin running their business out in the field – with the support and guidance of the leadership team at College Works Painting, of course.

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