College Works Painting

College Works Painting is a college internship for local Boulder students, typically from the University of Colorado, Boulder and other surrounding universities. Since 1997 we have been teaching college students how to run a house painting company in Boulder. We have two types of clients at College Works Painting – exceptional college students and homeowners in need of house painting. Because we are dedicated to delivering a world-class leadership experience to college students and to providing homeowners with the best quality house painting services in Boulder, we invest a lot of time training our interns. Trainings begin almost immediately upon hire for our interns, typically in the fall and winter months. By the time the College Works Painting interns meet with homeowners to schedule an estimate with College Works Painting, the interns are fully vetted and capable of offering the most up-to-date and relevant painting advice and services around. To ensure continued growth and success, the trainings continue throughout the summer.

A core value of ours at College Works Painting is that balance is the real measure of success. Running a business is a lot of work and requires a huge amount of dedication and persistence. Yet, running a business should not be all-consuming. To teach our interns the importance of balance firsthand, our motto is work hard, play hard. We bring our motto to fruition by taking our team of interns on team oriented events throughout the summer. The events are meant to be fun and relaxing and they also encourage team bonding. The College Works Painting interns undertake an incredible challenge during the program – they quite literally run their very own business while in college. When they get together during these events they can relax, discuss the upcoming school year, share business practices, you name it. The balance of working hard and playing hard – and doing it together – leads the interns to create everlasting bonds with each other.

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