California Homeowners

College Works Painting is an exterior house painting company that provides residential painting services to California homeowners and offers one of the most competitive internships in California to college students. Our student painters go through an extensive training process and are fully vetted well before painting begins. With College Works Painting, California residents will receive a professional paint job at a competitive price. Our estimates are free of charge, we offer multiple warranty options, and have a premium service plan to suit your individual needs.

All house painters, student painters, and interns are mentored throughout the entire College Works Painting internship. The intern will be your main contact throughout the entire painting process and the house painters will focus on delivering the best paint job possible, placing an emphasis on safety, prep work, proper paint adhesion, and daily clean-up. With College Works Painting, California homeowners get the satisfaction of supporting local college students and reap the benefits of working with one of the largest painting companies in the nation.

Painting houses throughout California since 1993, College Works Painting understands the complexities of the various California climates. We take measures to provide “moisture protection” for your home and our crews are also fully trained to properly paint in the heat to ensure proper “paint adhesion” and “curing”. Whether you live in the dry inland and valley areas or in the moist coastal regions of California, our house painters are fully trained to properly paint your home.

College Works Painting aims for perfection with every house painting project we work on which likely explains our customer satisfaction rating of 97%. Read College Works Painting Reviews from Homeowners.

California Students

Your college degree is incredibly valuable. However, while a college degree is incredibly valuable don’t put too much emphasis on your degree when it comes to the job market. Unless you graduate with a significant amount of real job experience, finding a job right out of college will be incredibly difficult. The process to find a job after college begins while you’re still in college. You need more than just a college degree to get a job after college. You need real experience.

When searching for an internship in California, consider the job functions. You may get hired as an intern for a brand-name company but if you’re only pouring coffee you’re not gaining the experience you need to compete in the job market. Get an internship that is intensive and focuses on skill transfer and developing people. Conduct a career assessment and get career advice .

The College Works Painting internship focuses on developing promising college students. We teach students the skills needed to grow personally and professionally. College Works Painting instills skills to run a growing, profitable business. As a College Works Painting intern in California, your job functions will include marketing; selling; managing; communicating with clients, vendors, and all levels of internal staff; and managing your financials as a business owner.

Take a look at what our former interns have to say about the College Works Painting internship. Read College Works Painting Reviews From Students.