College Works Painting

College Works Painting is a college internship for exceptional students who want to propel their career by running their own house painting company in Chicago, Illinois. College students who participate in our program in Chicago typically attend Depaul University, University of Illinois at Chicago, and other local schools. As the winner of multiple business awards, such as the Small Business Influencer Awards, College Works Painting has the proven expertise to teach college students how to run a successful business. The leadership team at College Works Painting consists of a group of talented entrepreneurs who strive for perfection. At College Works Painting we are dedicated to providing a world-class leadership experience to our interns. Likewise, we are determined to deliver a top quality paint job to the homeowners we service. We achieve both these goals by investing a significant amount of time and resources training the College Works Painting interns.

College Works Painting has an extensive training program. Trainings begin almost immediately upon hire and continue throughout the program. We take our training sessions very seriously as they exist as the foundation to the intern’s success. The trainings benefit the homeowners as well. By the time the interns interact with homeowners in need of house painting, the interns are fully trained and capable of offering top quality painting advice and services. While the trainings begin in a classroom type setting, they continue out in the field. No student intern does anything alone the first few times. Each intern is closely supervised and mentored by their District Manager. At College Works Painting we believe that success is best achieved with the support of a team.

Company culture is very important to us at College Works Painting. We have created a team oriented culture that we are very proud of. As a team we donate to charities for our customer service conferences and the like, and we teach our interns firsthand the importance of teamwork.

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