College Works Painting Maryland

Maryland Homeowners

College Works Painting is a fully licensed, insured, EPA lead certified
professional house painting company. We have painted homes in Maryland since 2000 while teaching local Maryland college students how to run a house painting company. With College Works Painting you can expect the job to be done correctly. The College Works Painting interns go through an extensive interviewing process to ensure we only get the best, most qualified students. The intern’s innate passion paired with our top notch training guarantees Maryland homeowners a quality paint job at a reasonable price.

College Works Painting uses a href=“”>top of the line products to give your home the protection it needs. However, the product alone doesn’t make a great paint job. It’s the workmanship that goes with the quality product that really makes the difference. College Works Painting knows that 80% of proper house painting services are workmanship and preparation. All College Works Painting house painters and student painters are thoroughly trained by us and by the paint manufacturers we use.

At College Works Painting we believe that customer satisfaction means delivering what you promise. Our interns provide a clear scope of work so that all involved- you, the house painters, and the leadership team- are literally on the same page. In addition, the College Works Painting intern’s key functions are follow-up and communication. We are dedicated to providing homeowners with the best possible home improvement experience.

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Maryland Students

You need to find an internship in Maryland this summer that is intensive and focuses on skill transfer and developing people. When you interview for a company, interview that company as much as they’re interviewing you. Make sure you will get something out of working for them. You may get hired at a brand name company but if you’re merely folding paper and pouring coffee all summer you’re not gaining the skills necessary to compete in the extremely competitive job market after you graduate. A career development guide can even assist you with this process.

A main function that attracts many Maryland college students to the College Works Painting internship is the responsibility that comes with the program. As a College Works Painting intern you will have the unique opportunity to run your own company while still in college. Many say the College Works Painting internship was one of the most difficult feats they’ve taken on – and the most rewarding.

Every intern at College Works Painting has a full leadership team to guide and support them. No intern will do anything alone the first few times because the College Works Painting program is designed to teach leadership skills and to train college students how to run a business properly. You have to get a meaningful internship this summer or else you’re not going to be happy after you graduate college.

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