Colorado Homeowners

College Works Painting is a privately owned, fully licensed and insured residential house painting company. We have provided professional house painting services to Colorado homeowners and have offered Colorado college students an intensive internship since 1997. The College Works Painting internship provides Colorado college students true hard-working job experience and delivers professional house painting services to Colorado residents at a competitive price.

We teach college students how to run a business with integrity. A fundamental principle of running a business properly is customer service. The College Works Painting student painters and interns know that listening attentively to our client’s desires, formulating an action plan to fulfil those desires, communicating updates throughout the entire house painting process, and delivering what they promise is what it takes to give each client a great experience and in turn, a great paint job.

College Works Painting understands that house painting not only enhances your home’s appearance but protects your home as well. The College Works Painting interns identify problem areas on your home such as chalking, caulk failures, and paint failures. We use the highest quality products from the top painting manufacturers to ensure your home gets the protection it needs in the Colorado climate. In addition, our house painters focus heavily on prep work so the paint job lasts. To learn more about paint, visit our paint glossary.

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Colorado Students

College Works Painting gives college students a painting business to run for the summer. One of the best things about the College Works Painting internship is the challenges you will face. You will work hard and deal with failure quite a bit. Like with any good internship in Colorado, you’ll be put in a new situation outside of your comfort zone – which is the best thing about our program. College Works Painting also offers an array of networking opportunities.

As a college student you have three summers to get an internship and push yourself. You need experience during your three college summers. Otherwise, by the fourth summer when you’re out of college you may not be employed. Look for a program that has challenges you haven’t faced yet because when you get out of school you will compete with other Colorado college grads with the same degree as you and possibly years of experience. For entrepreneurial students in particular, real experience is crucial.

With the College Works Painting internship you will hire and manage your own employees, work with customers, and deal with profitability, sales and marketing. After you have completed the College Works Painting internship you will go back to school, graduate, and use the skills you learned at College Works Painting to propel your career.

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