Connecticut Homeowners

College Works Painting has provided Connecticut homeowners affordable, quality house painting services since 2000 while giving Connecticut college students the opportunity to run their own painting business. With the mentorship of the College Works Painting leadership team, our student painters and house painters provide professional house painting services for their local community during the summer. With College Works Painting, Connecticut homeowners can beautify and invest in their home while supporting their local college students. It’s a win, win.

Through our extensive training program, Connecticut college students learn how to run a business with integrity and discipline. This includes providing exceptional service to our clients. The College Works Painting interns communicate thoroughly and regularly with each client from the time of the free estimate to the final walk-through. Our dedication to incomparable service undoubtedly explains our 97% customer satisfaction rating.

The College Works Painting house painters and student painters also go through an extensive training process despite their experience level. This ensures the College Works Painting standard of quality is applied to each house we paint and that each Connecticut home gets the individual attention needed for a paint job that lasts. For instance, College Works Painting is a Lead-Safe Certified Firm and is qualified to properly paint the older and historic Connecticut homes.

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Connecticut Students

At College Works Painting we know college is about juggling: exams, social life, studying, and more. Your campus can provide student support services to help manage the many responsibilities college students face. However, the secret to successfully managing multiple tasks is setting goals. Set long term and short term goals that align so your long term goals can be accomplished. For instance, a short term goal might be to get an internship during college while a long term goal might be to get a job one month after college graduation. You only have three summers during college to properly prepare for your future out of college. The choices you make today may affect your life 20 years from now.

Many college students feel that they only need a college degree and they’ll be fine. But many recent Connecticut graduates move back home after college because the job market is so difficult. College degrees no longer come with a job offer stapled to the back of them. You need an internship in Connecticut that will give you real experience while you’re still in college in order to successfully compete in the job market. The College Works Painting internship will give you the hands-on experience and skill set needed to compete in the job market after college.

As a College Works Painting intern you will learn how to run every aspect of a business and in doing so, you will learn discipline and integrity. Like other great internships in Connecticut, College works Painting will teach you time management and leadership skills. These skills will improve your efficiency and allow you to reach your long term goals. After completing the College Works Painting internship you can apply to any Connecticut occupation with confidence.

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