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College Works Painting

College Works Painting is a college internship for exceptional college students who want to propel their careers by running their own house painting company in Des Moines, Iowa. At College Works Painting we provide college students with a world-class leadership experience and we deliver outstanding house painting services to homeowners. Based on the feedback we’ve received from several College Works Painting Reviews from Homeowners, we understand that homeowners get more than just a great paint job from us; they also receive a rewarding experience working with an exceptional college student. Homeowners benefit from working with College Works Painting because they receive a high quality paint job at a fair price and get the pleasure of supporting a college student local to their community. The college students benefit from the College Works Painting internship because our internship is hands-on. This means that the interns quite literally run their own company firsthand – with the support and guidance of the leadership team at College Works Painting of course.

The College Works Painting interns are capable of successfully running their business and providing outstanding paint jobs to homeowners in Des Moines because we adequately train them. Training sessions begin almost immediately upon hire, working around school schedules of course. The training sessions cover all aspects of running a house painting company and really set the stage for the intern’s success. For this reason we take the training sessions very seriously and we expect the interns to do the same.

Trainings continue throughout the program. A team building oriented event typically follows most training meetings during the summer. We call these events Payroll Friday events. During a Payroll Friday event the team might go bowling or camping. The events promote team bonding and unity which is very important to us because at College Works Painting, relationships are everything.

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