College Works Painting

College Works Painting is a college internship and a professional house painting company in Detroit, Michigan. At College Works Painting we are dedicated to providing exceptional services to both our clients – homeowners in need of house painting and college students who want to advance their careers by running their own house painting company while still in college. Homeowners benefit from using College Works Painting because they receive a top quality paint job while working with an exceptional college student local to their community. College Works Painting interns in Detroit typically attend various colleges in Michigan, such as Central Michigan University, Eastern Michigan University, Oakland University, or Western Michigan University. While some schools may be further from Detroit than others, the interns are generally local to Detroit. The intern’s work territory is near her hometown. The intern may attend college in Kalamazoo but her hometown is in Detroit, so she’ll likely paint in Detroit. This benefits the homeowners and students alike. Homeowners get to support the college students in their own community and students get to make an impact on their community by providing excellent paint jobs.

To ensure the success of our student interns and the satisfaction of the homeowners whose homes we paint, our interns undergo extensive training. Training begins almost immediately upon hire. The topics include business techniques (every aspect of running a business is taught to our interns and the interns apply this knowledge when running their College Works Painting branch). In addition, our interns learn all aspects of painting a home, including OSHA regulated safety and proper paint adhesion. This ensures they can properly manage their crew of house painters in Detroit. Training continues throughout the course of the internship because we want all College Works Painting interns to continue to learn and grow.