College Works Painting

College Works Painting is a college internship and a house painting company in Fitchburg, Massachusetts. With College Works Painting homeowners receive top quality house painting services from exceptional college students and house painters in Fitchburg. College Works Painting has been providing homeowners in Massachusetts with outstanding paint jobs since the year 2000. To ensure we maintain and improve our 97% customer satisfaction rating, we work closely with the top paint manufactures, such as Sherwin Williams, to stay current with paint techniques and trends and to assist us in properly training our interns. Homeowners benefit from choosing College Works Painting because they receive the back-up and benefits of working with a major painting company all while supporting their local community-college students in their neighborhood. College students benefit from College Works Painting because they’re given the opportunity to propel their careers. College Works Painting gives qualified college students the opportunity to run their own business while still in college. This gives College Works Painting alumni an advantage in the job market because they have competitive skills unlike the majority of their peers. The College Works Painting internship is hands-on. This means that our interns literally run their business firsthand, with the guidance and support of the leadership team at College Works Painting, naturally.

To ensure our student interns achieve maximum success and to ensure homeowners receive a great paint job each time, the College Works Painting interns undergo an intensive training process. Before training even begins, however, all intern applicants go through an extensive interview process. Only the most qualified and capable students are invited to participate in our program (but please, do not let this deter you from applying). Once hired, training begins. The training sessions are challenging. Training topics cover all aspects of running a business and all aspects of painting a home. Once training is complete, the interns begin to run their business. By this time, they are well vetted and capable of offering the most up-to-date and professional house painting advice and services around.

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