Fort Collins

College Works Painting

College Works Painting is both a fully licensed and insured house painting company in Fort Collins and a college internship. We have two types of clients at College Works Painting – exceptional college students looking to propel their career and homeowners in need of house painting. We are dedicated to providing top quality house painting services to homeowners and to delivering a world-class leadership experience to college students. We achieve this goal by investing in our interns. Our training programs are thorough, extensive, and continue throughout the entirety of the program. This is to ensure the greatest success possible amongst our interns and to ensure homeowners receive an exceptional paint job. Local students in Fort Collins, typically from the Colorado State University and other local campuses in the surrounding areas, have a once-in-a-life-time opportunity to set themselves apart from their peers by becoming the select few who get to run their own business while in college. To ensure we only hire the most capable and qualified students, all applicants undergo an intensive interview process. Not all applicants are selected to participate in the program. However, our interview process benefits the students and homeowners alike. Running a successful business is not an easy task and neither is producing a top quality paint job. Hard work is required and at College Works Painting, you have to earn the right to work here.

But the work isn’t all strenuous all the time. At College Works Painting we believe that balance is the real measure of success. For this reason we work hard and we play hard. The interns are rewarded for their incredible achievements at the end of the program during our Top Performers Awards Banquet. In addition, the interns are taken out on team building type events throughout the summer to encourage balance – work hard, play hard, have fun.

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