House Painting Augusta (ME)

College Works Painting

College Works Painting is a college internship in Augusta, Maine. Since our inception in 1993 College Works Painting has been dedicated to providing driven college students with a world-class leadership experience. College Works Painting allows qualified college students to run their own house painting company in Augusta. Via the College Works Painting internship our student interns learn every aspect of running a business – and they learn it firsthand. This allows the students to obtain the transferable skills and practical work experience necessary to propel their careers after graduation. Homeowners benefit from College Works Painting because they receive professional, top quality house painting services while working with an exceptional college student local to their community.

To ensure students and homeowners have the best experience with us possible, College Works Painting adequately trains all interns. After the interns have completed training, they begin working in the field running their business (with the support and guidance of the leadership team at College Works Painting, of course). Because we feel that success is best achieved with the support of a team, no intern does anything alone the first few times. This also ensures customer satisfaction. By the time the interns begin interacting with homeowners, they are completely vetted and capable of offering professional painting advice and services. Likewise, our house painters in Augusta receive paint training as well, despite their level of experience. This ensures the College Works Painting standard of painting is applied to each home we paint.

College Works Painting is a team atmosphere. It is also a competitive one. Interns are rewarded for their outstanding accomplishments at the end of the program with an awards trip. During this trip several events take place – hikes, water activities, zip lining, and more. There is also an awards banquet. Interns are awarded for merits such as safety, quality, and production. We believe in a results economy at College Works Painting and we teach this value to our interns firsthand.