House Painting Bridgeport

College Works Painting

College Works Painting is a college internship. Since the year 2000 College Works Painting has taught college students how to run their own house painting company and has provided top quality house painting services in Bridgeport to homeowners in need of painting. Our house painters in Bridgeport are courteous and hardworking, maintain a clean jobsite, and are properly trained to deliver quality paint jobs that last. Our student interns are trained to manage a crew of house painters and ensure the College Works Painting standard of quality is met. Our interns undergo extensive paint training to ensure this happens. The College Works Painting internship teaches college students how to run a business. Naturally, then, the student interns also undergo extensive business training conducted by the leadership team at College Works Painting who are proven and award winning entrepreneurs. We dedicate a lot of time and resources into our trainings to ensure the greatest amount of success is achieved by all interns. Our trainings take place in a professional environment where proper business attire is expected and participation is encouraged. Running a business is a difficult challenge especially for first timers. That’s why our leadership team supports the interns every step of the way.

Company culture is very important to us at College Works Painting. We have strict values that we follow wholeheartedly. For instance, at College Works Painting relationships are everything. We value our relationships with the homeowners who entrust us to paint their home, with the paint manufactures who we partner with to properly train our interns, and with all members of the College Works Painting team. We also believe that balance is the real measure of success. For this reason we balance hard work and having fun. Throughout the summer we take our interns on a team building type event to show them firsthand the importance of balance. During these events relationships are strengthened and our company culture grows stronger.