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College Works Painting

College Works Painting is a college internship in Davenport, Iowa for ambitious college students who want to propel their careers. At College Works Painting we teach college students how to run their own house painting company in Davenport. The beauty of our program is that we teach college students how to run their own business firsthand. Our interns do not learn through observation. Rather, our interns learn through action, by literally running a business on their own – with the support and guidance from the leadership team at College Works Painting of course. However, running a business is incredibly challenging and not every applicant is capable of doing so. To ensure our interns receive the greatest success possible and to ensure homeowners receive a top quality paint job, we have an intensive interview process. Our interview process ensures we only hire the most qualified and capable students to participate in our program. Interns typically attend Iowa State University, Luther College, the University of Iowa, and other local schools. The College Works Painting internship helps students acquire business skills that can be applied to any job position in any industry. For this reason we encourage all majors to apply for College Works Painting internship.

Company culture is incredibly important to us at College Works Painting. We have created a team oriented culture because we truly believe that relationships are everything. At College Works Painting we value the relationships with our clients, the homeowners who entrust us to protect and beautify their home with a great paint job, with our paint partners at paint manufactures such as