House Painting Flagstaff

College Works Painting

College Works Painting is a College internship in Flagstaff that teaches college students how to run their own business by painting houses in their local neighbors over the summer. Each applicant undergoes an intensive interview process to ensure we hire only the best, most capable and qualified students to participate in our program. When hired, interns are thoroughly trained. By the time the interns meet any homeowners they are fully vetted and capable of offering the most qualified painting advice and services around. In addition to the initial training sessions before summer production begins, the interns receive training throughout the entire program. On a bi-weekly basis College Works Painting holds statewide trainings which we refer to as Payroll Friday. During the Payroll Friday training interns receive more paint and safety training, business training, and hear best practices from their peers. These trainings are designed to help each intern achieve optimal success and to ensure our clients receive the best service around.

Running a business is hard work. At College Works Painting, we like to work hard and play hard. Twice a month, following the Payroll Friday training, we enjoy taking our hard-working college interns on a team building event. The events vary but each event promotes team bonding and generally having a good time. At College Works Painting we believe that balance is central to success which is why we balance work and play. Company culture is very important. The College Works Painting leadership team creates a unified, team oriented culture for our interns. In turn, the interns create a healthy work environment for their crew of house painters in Flagstaff. We take the responsibility of teaching our interns how to run a business properly very seriously. For this reason, everything taught to the College Works Painting interns is taught firsthand.