House Painting Tucson

College Works Painting

College Works Painting has been providing house painting services in Tucson since the year 2000. More than your average house painting company, we’re also a college internship. We provide top quality painting services to homeowners while teaching local college students how to run a painting company. We have $5 million in liability and Workers Compensation coverage and we are fully licensed and bonded. For a copy of our insurance or license certificates, contact our customer care staff at our corporate office or ask your student intern to provide you with a copy.

The College Works Painting interns and house painters in Tucson are fully vetted well before they begin working on your home. We have an extensive interview process for each intern-applicant to ensure we only hire the best, most qualified and capable college students to participate in our program. Soon after the interview process ends we begin our intensive training program. Our college interns are trained by seasoned entrepreneurs and painting professionals throughout the year. The thorough training enables our student interns to run a successful business and to provide our clients with the most relevant painting advice to best suit their home.

Our motto at College Works Painting is “work hard, play hard.” Our training program is designed to help the college interns run the most successful business possible. We encourage participation during the training meetings. For example, successful interns will share best practices with the rest of the group. We recognize that the training sessions can be grueling (it’s not easy running your own business, after all). For this reason, we treat our future leaders in training to a fun event after most training sessions. The event not only rewards these incredibly hard working students for all of their hard work but it also exists as a great team building experience and as such, teaches the students the importance of team work.