Idaho Homeowners

College Works Painting provides professional house painting services for Idaho homeowners and gives local Idaho college students the opportunity to run their very own house painting company over the summer. The College Works Painting internship teaches college students to run a painting business. Our house painters and student painters go through an extensive training program and are also thoroughly trained by the paint providers we use. The experience of the College Works Painting house painters varies. However, all crew members are completely prepared to properly paint your home and College Works Painting paint adhesion. In addition, our student painters are trained to paint correctly in the Idaho summer weather to ensure a proper curing process and a paint job that lasts. Proper color satisfaction, and clear communication from start to finish. We believe our thoroughness has led to our 97% customer satisfaction rating.

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Idaho Students

Many college students feel that college is the finish line. But college is the starting line. Many Idaho college students want to take summer school or go on vacation to unwind during summer break. Summer should be for working. Most people you’ll compete with in the job market also have college degrees. Not only that, but they also likely received that degree a while ago and have work experience as well. In order to compete in the job market after college you need an internship in Idaho while still in school. Additionally, the internship you chose should teach you transferable skills that will apply to any future job.

The College Works Painting internship hires Idaho college students and puts them through an extensive system of training and mentorship. You will hire, manage, work with customers, conduct sales calls, and do marketing. As a College Works Painting intern, you will run every aspect of a painting company to learn leadership skills that will apply to any industry.

Success is best achieved with support and assistance. Each College Works Painting intern has a mentor who they interact with at least three or four times a week. No one in our business ever does anything alone for the first few times. We constantly train and mentor the interns throughout the entire program. We do this so the interns will be successful and will get a lot out of the program.

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