Indiana Homeowners

Indiana homeowners can rely on College Works Painting for their house painting needs. We have provided professional house painting services to homeowners and have taught college students how to run a house painting business since 1993. College Works Painting offers Indiana homeowners a detailed scope of work up front during our free estimate process. In addition, the College Works Painting interns provide all Indiana residents with a full range of identification including business cards, referrals, and qualifications such as licenses and insurance.

College Works Painting provides Indiana homeowners with quality house painting services at a fair price. Our house painters and student painters go through an extensive training process, despite their level of experience, to ensure you get quality workmanship and a paint job that lasts. The success of each paint job relies on the time spent on prep work and the quality of products used on the home. Our house painters are thorough with all preparation to ensure proper paint adhesion and College Works Painting uses only the best quality paint products to protect your home.

College Works Painting teaches our student painters values to make sure we deliver a professional paint job every time. In addition, the College Works Painting interns are trained to deliver the best experience possible to each Indiana resident whose home we paint. College Works Painting understands the importance of including the homeowners in the house painting process. This is why we teach our interns to clearly communicate all aspects of the project with each client. It’s our commitment to our client’s happiness that leads to our 97% customer satisfaction rating.

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Indiana Students

College is a transitional period and it can be difficult to find balance. With the job market as competitive as it is today, you no longer have the luxury of figuring out your career plans after you earn your degree. Now is the time, while you’re still in college, to start planning your life after college. In order to compete successfully in the job market, you need an internship in Indiana that will give you the experience and transferable skills required to get a job.

College Works Painting understands that you have four years, three summers to start your life. We also understand that these four years are about choices: how much time you spend with friends, how much time you study, how much time you work. The trick is to get these things aligned so your long term goals can be accomplished. The College Works Painting internship gives college students in Indiana the skills required to balance life during college and prepare for life after college.

As a College Works Painting intern, you will learn every aspect of running your own business and in doing so you will gain broad based, transferable skills that will apply to any job in any industry.

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