College Works Painting

College Works Painting is a college internship for driven college students who want to separate themselves from their peers by running their own house painting company in Indianapolis, Indiana while still in college. The College Works Painting internship offers qualified college students a unique opportunity of running their own business firsthand. At College Works Painting we believe that to become adequately prepared for the job market after graduation college students need real, hands-on practical work experience. Our interns do not learn how to run a business by observing an entrepreneur over the summer. No. Rather, our interns run their own business firsthand. In doing so, the College Works Painting interns become entrepreneurs and talented business people – and all before graduating college. It’s a difficult challenge but certainly a rewarding one.

To ensure our interns are adequately prepared well before they begin interacting with homeowners in need of house painting services, our intensive training program begins almost immediately upon hire. The training sessions begin during the school year, typically in the winter months, but do not interfere with the student’s course load. Because the trainings exist as the foundation to the intern’s success, we take our training programs very seriously and expect the interns to do so as well. The College Works Painting interns are expected to arrive to trainings on time and prepared to learn. After the initial winter trainings are complete, the interns begin marketing for their business out in the field. By the time this happens, the interns are fully vetted and capable of offering top quality painting advice and services. Also, no intern does anything alone the first few times. And even when the interns become more independent in running their business, they still have the full support and guidance from the leadership team at College Works Painting