Kansas City, Kansas

College Works Painting

Since our inception in 1993, College Works Painting has provided exceptional house painting services to homeowners while teaching college students how to run their own house painting company. College Works Painting is a college internship and a house painting company in Kansas City, Kansas. The way we see it, we have two sets of clients at College Works Painting. Homeowners in need of house painting and college students who know the importance of preparing for the job market after graduation while they’re still in college. For homeowners, College Works Painting is dedicated to providing a top quality paint job that will beautify and protect their home for a substantial amount of time. For college students, College Works Painting is determined to provide a world-class leadership experience that will propel the student’s career and separate the student intern from his peers.

In order to ensure both our clients – students and homeowners alike – receive the best from us, we adequately train our student interns and our house painters in Kansas City. Almost immediately upon hire, which follows our extensive interview process to ensure we hire only the most capable students to participate in our program, intern training begins. Various speakers attend our trainings to teach the College Works Painting interns the most advanced and relevant business and painting techniques around. The trainings exist as the foundation to the intern’s success – and in turn the homeowner’s ultimate satisfaction with the paint job – so we take our training sessions very seriously. Likewise, we expect the interns to do the same. The interns are expected to arrive to training on time and ready to learn, well rested and prepared with a pen and paper for note taking. We also encourage interns to participate in the trainings by asking questions and engaging in group exercises. We believe that success is best achieved through the support of a team. We teach this to our interns firsthand beginning immediately with training and continuing on throughout the program.

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