Kansas City, Missouri

College Works Painting

College Works Painting is a college internship and a professional house painting company in Kansas City, Missouri. College Works Painting teaches college students, most of whom attend the University of Missouri, Kansas City or Rockhurst University, how to run a house painting company in Kansas City. For homeowners, College Works Painting provides a top quality paint job at a fair price. Homeowners have the pleasure of working with a unique and ambitious college student local to their community. Homeowners also receive the benefits of working with a major house painting company in business since 1993, painting more than 10,000 homes each year nationwide. College students benefit from the College Works Painting internship because they get the unique opportunity to run their own business firsthand.

The College Works Painting interns do not learn by observing. Rather, the College Works Painting interns learn by doing the work themselves, hands-on and firsthand (with the support and guidance of the leadership team at College Works Painting, of course). As a result, College Works Painting interns transform into talented business people by the end of the program. The experience and knowledge college students gain from participating in the College Works Painting internship enables them to successfully compete in the job market after graduation. It’s also worth mentioning that this is a paid internship so college students also earn money to help pay for college tuition.

At College Works Painting we believe that balance is the real measure of success. We bring this value to fruition by working hard and playing hard. The internship is intensive. Many have said the College Works Painting internship was the most difficult challenge they’ve faced to date – and the most rewarding. It’s true. Running a business is challenging. The internship requires a lot of hard work. However, we balance the hard work with events throughout the summer. working hard, play hard, have fun.

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