Kansas Homeowners

College Works Painting is a professional house painting company and a college internship. We provide Kansas homeowners with quality house painting services while allowing local Kansas college students to run a business. Through College Works Painting., college students prepare for life after college by gaining the experience of running their own house painting company. With College Works Painting, Kansas homeowners receive a top of the line paint job at a reasonable price while supporting their local community. Everybody wins.

While the College Works Painting interns and student painters are located in Kansas and attend the local universities, College Works Painting is also a nationwide company. We paint more than 10,000 homes a year nationwide. This is a huge benefit to our clients because they receive the back-up and support of a major nationwide house painting company while working with local house painters who have knowledge about the particulars of the Kansas neighborhoods we service.

College Works Painting takes the responsibility of providing each Kansas homeowner with an exceptional experience very seriously. We personally train our house painters and student painters on professional house painting practices, OSHA regulated safety practices, and general jobsite safety and clean-up practices. We’re also an EPA lead certified firm. The College Works Painting interns go through an extensive training program as well and are fully vetted. So, by summertime they’re ready and able to offer valuable painting advice to best protect and beautify your home with a professional paint job.

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Kansas Students

College Works Painting understands the pressure today’s college students are under. Millions of college students graduate each year with their four year degree, thousands in Kansas alone. This makes the job market incredibly difficult and competitive. A college degree no longer earns you an automatic job offer. Today’s college students need legitimate job experience in addition to their degree to really compete in the job market and earn a job after college.

As a college student, you have four years – three summers – to gain the transferable skills required to become a real competitor in the job market after you earn your degree. Search for an internship in Kansas now while you’re still in school to prepare yourself for your future. However, do not get just any internship; get an internship that has intensive job functions so you will gain skills that can apply to any job position in any industry.

As a College Works Painting intern you will learn every aspect of running your own business. You will hire, manage, work with clients, conduct sales calls and marketing, and manage the profitability of your own business. These responsibilities will teach you the leadership skills needed to apply to any industry you want to enter into.

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