Maine Homeowners

College Works Painting is a professional house painting company that delivers quality painting at a fair price to Maine homeowners and allows the college students of Maine to gain real-life experience by running their own house painting company. College Works Painting has painted roughly 75,000 homes nationwide since our inception in 1993. With our experience level and commitment to providing each client with a premier house painting experience, it’s no wonder we have a 97% customer satisfaction rating and several repeat customers.

Some homeowners have had initial concerns about student painters painting their home because they weren’t quite sure the house painters would have the experience needed. However, these homeowners quickly felt at ease after meeting the College Works Painting intern. They realized this experience would be so much more meaningful not only for them but for the college student as well.

The College Works Painting interns and student painters are fully trained and vetted well before the summer when painting begins. College Works Painting follows all OSHA regulations and is an EPA lead certified
firm. By the time you meet with a College Works Painting intern for a free estimate, the intern is fully knowledgeable on all aspects of a proper paint job and scope of work creation, and is passionate about protecting and beautifying your home.

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Maine Students

College Works Painting knows firsthand that the process of getting a job after college starts while you’re still in school. It begins with finding an internship in Maine that will allow you to build your resume with legitimate experience. The job market is incredibly competitive and without a degree AND professional job experience on your resume, finding a job after college will be extremely challenging.

Any internship won’t cut it though. You need to find an internship in Maine that will pave the way for employment. One way to determine which internships will give you the experience needed to compete in the job market is to research the job functions. An internship that has you file paper all day won’t give you the qualifications needed for future employment. You need an intensive internship that will teach you wide-ranging transferable skills that you can apply to any industry of your choosing.

College Works Painting is an intensive internship that will allow you to run your very own house painting business over the summer, with the guidance and support of our leadership team. As a College Works Painting intern you will learn how to run every facet of a business and in doing so you will gain the skill set needed to compete in the job market.

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