Massachusetts Homeowners

College Works Painting has provided professional house painting services to Massachusetts homeowners since 2000. More than just a house painting company, College Works Painting also gives local Massachusetts college students the opportunity to run their own house painting business, painting nearly 300 homes in Massachusetts each year. With College Works Painting, homeowners can support their local community while receiving the backing of a major house painting company. We are EPA led certified, we follow all OSHA regulations, and we are fully licensed and insured.

College Works Painting is dedicated to providing clients with a quality paint job at a fair price while giving them a world class customer service experience. When you speak with a College Works Painting intern you will quickly discover his level of training and passion for the job. Your College Works Painting intern will communicate updates to you throughout the entire project and follow-up with you regularly. In addition to the support you will receive from your College Works Painting intern we also have a dedicated customer care staff at our corporate headquarters.

The College Works Painting house painters and student painters undergo extensive training to deliver a quality paint job that will last, keeping future home improvement costs to a minimum. We also use paint on exterior jobs that is weatherproof to properly protect any home in Massachusetts. To ensure the paint we use is weatherproof we use only the best quality acrylic paints.

To learn how we have a 97% customer satisfaction rating, read College Works Painting Reviews from Homeowners.

Massachusetts Students

Unless you graduate college with significant job experience, you’re just not going to be happy with the job market after graduation. Recent studies have shown that a staggering number of college students plan on moving back home after they earn their degree because they simply cannot find a job. For you, getting an internship in Massachusetts while you’re still in college is essential to competing in the job market once school is over.

An internship that will give you expansive skills that you can apply to any position in any industry will separate you from your peers and those competing with you in the job market. You essentially have three opportunities to gain this experience – your three summer breaks. Unless you find significant work experience during college, whether with an internship or a job, you’re just not going to be successful out there in the job market.

The College Works Painting internship gives college students the opportunity to gain the necessary skills to get a job after college. As a College Works Painting intern you will learn how to run a painting company and from this learn responsibility, integrity, and leadership skills. You will interview, hire, and manage your own employees; interact with clients; sell and book work; and manage the profitability of your own business. You can apply all of these transferable skills to any job in any industry.