Michigan Homeowners

College Works Painting is a fully licensed, bonded, and insured professional house painting company. College Works Painting has been delivering homeowners in Michigan quality house painting services at a great price while teaching local Michigan college students how to run a painting company since 2004. With the intensive training program our student painters undergo along with our experience level- painting over 300 homes each summer in Michigan- homeowners can expect the job to be performed correctly the first time.

College Works Painting understands that your home is likely your largest and most valuable investment. Our house painters approach each painting project with this in mind. The fully trained and incredibly capable College works Painting house painters paint each home to enhance its beauty and protect the homeowner’s investment. To ensure the best quality paint job is delivered each time, we use only the best quality paint products which includes top of the line acrylic paints, which is a water base synthetic paint designed to protect your home from weathering and climate conditions.

A mission of ours at College Works Painting is to provide exceptional service to each of our clients. We take measures to ensure the homeowners in Michigan receive the paint job they envision for their home. We offer a thorough design consultation to determine which colors will best suit your home. The design consultation is a very important step in the painting process. For instance, if you opt for a one coat application only, choosing to paint your home white when the original color is red would be a bad idea because the original color would show through. Color selection and color retention (the ability of a paint to maintain its primary color and resist fading) is also discussed in the design consultation. We offer these services so that you can make educated decisions for your home improvement project.

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Michigan Students

Unless you graduate college with significant job experience, you’re just not going to be happy with the job market after graduation. Recent studies have shown that a staggering number of college students plan on moving back home after they earn their degree because they simply cannot find a job. For you, getting an internship in Massachusetts while you’re still in college is essential to competing in the job market once school is over.

An internship that will give you expansive skills that you can apply to any position in any industry will separate you from your peers and those competing with you in the job market. You essentially have three opportunities to gain this experience – your three summer breaks. Unless you find significant work experience during college, whether with an internship or a job, you’re just not going to be successful out there in the job market.

The College Works Painting internship gives college students the opportunity to gain the necessary skills to get a job after college. As a College Works Painting intern you will learn how to run a painting company and from this learn responsibility, integrity, and leadership skills. You will interview, hire, and manage your own employees; interact with clients; sell and book work; and manage the profitability of your own business. You can apply all of these transferable skills to any job in any industry.

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