College Works Painting

College Works Painting is a college internship for driven college students (most of whom attend the University of Minnesota or other local schools) and a house painting company in Minneapolis, Minnesota for homeowners in need of a professional paint job. Since our inception in 1993 College Works Painting has delivered a world-class leadership experience to qualified college students and we have provided homeowners with top notch paint jobs. The College Works Painting internship is designed to help college students earn money to pay for college tuition and to help them build their resume and compete in the job market after graduation. College Works Painting achieves this goal by teaching students how to run their own house painting company firsthand. The College Works Painting interns learn every aspect of running a business. They also learn everything regarding painting a house properly. As a result, the College Works Painting interns transform into talented business people and propel their careers. In addition, homeowners receive a great paint job from a college student local to their community while receiving the back-up and expertise of a major house painting company.

College Works Painting services college students and homeowners alike – we aim for 100% customer satisfaction from our interns and homeowners – by investing in our interns with an intensive training program. The trainings are intense and cover every topic concerning business and painting techniques. Trainings begin almost immediately upon hire and continue throughout the entirety of the program. After the interns have completed winter and spring trainings, they begin running their business firsthand out in the field – the real world. Of course, no intern does anything alone the first few times. This is to help the intern achieve the greatest success possible and also to ensure homeowners receive a top quality paint job. All interns are mentored and supervised by a District Manager. And because we feel that success is best achieved through the support of a team, all interns are supported and guided by the leadership team at College Works Painting as well.

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1449 TOLEDO AVE N (completed Aug 07 12)


1565 PENNSYLVANIA AVE N (completed Jul 08 12)

Houses in University City, MN

8117 Amherst Ave (completed Jul 26 07)