Minnesota Homeowners

College Works Painting has been providing Minnesota Homeowners quality house painting services while teaching the local Minnesota college students how to manage a house painting company since 2003. As a major nationwide company painting houses since 1993, College Works Painting knows how to provide a top quality paint job at a reasonable price. The College Works Painting intern applicants go through and extensive interviewing process to ensure we only hire the most qualified students with a rock-solid work ethic. After the hiring process, the College Works Painting student painters undergo an intensive training process. By the time summer comes around and painting begins, the interns are fully vetted and capable of offering the most up-to-date and knowledgeable painting advice to best protect your home and keep the house painting costs to a minimum.

With College Works Painting, you can expect a wonderful home improvement experience and a crew of house painters who are trained to paint your home in such a way to both enhance its beauty and protect it from weather and climate conditions. Because College Works Painting is a reliable house painting company and a college internship for promising college students, in addition to receiving a great paint job you get the satisfaction of supporting your local community. This is in addition to receiving the benefits and support of a major house painting company that is fully licensed and insured, EPA lead certified, and follows all OSHA regulations. With College Works Painting, it’s a triple win.

College Works Painting teaches college students how to run a business with integrity. This means communicating and following-up with clients consistently and regularly while managing their crew of house painters to ensure the job is completed correctly and on time. In the rare event that a project needs additional support, each College Works Painting intern has a direct supervisor and mentor to intervene and a full team of customer care staff at the corporate headquarters. While this may seem like overkill, College Works Painting takes these measures to ensure our consistent 97% customer satisfaction rating remains at an unmated high.

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Minnesota Students

College students today face one of the toughest job markets we’ve seen in a long time. The millions of college graduates receiving their degree per year and competing for jobs contribute to this. In addition, our economy is not recovering at the speed in which we would have hoped. Therefore, a lot of the entry level jobs that used to go to recent college graduates are now sought after by job seekers who have three, five, seven years of experience in the job force.

What does this mean for you? A college degree alone is not enough. In addition to your college degree you need legitimate work experience to become a qualified candidate and compete in the job market. But just any work experience won’t cut it. Pouring coffee or highlighting phone bills will not give you the experience required to compete for a job that will advance your career. For you, getting an internship in Minnesota- now while you’re still in college- that provides the job functions to gain you transferable skills is what it will take to propel your career.

Things to consider when seeking an internship:

Will it be a good culture fit?

What is the track record of the intern-supervisor and trainer?

What will your job functions be?

What is the industry recognition of the company?

Is it a good career plan for you?
The College Works Painting internship will teach you integrity, discipline, leadership, and responsibility by allowing you to run your very own house painting company over the summer. As a College Works Painting intern you will learn every aspect of running a business: managing a staff of student painters, interacting with clients, selling, marketing, and booking work to keep you and your crew busy all summer, and managing the profitability of your company. These are skills that can apply to any job position in any industry. These are skills that will transform you into a real competitor in the job market after college.

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