Missouri Homeowners

College Works Painting is a fully licensed and insured professional house painting company that offers Missouri homeowners a quality paint job at a great price while providing local college students with a real-life-driven college internship teaching them how to run their own house painting company. Painting houses since 1993- and painting homes in Missouri since 2005- College Works Painting has the expertise and experience to provide homeowners with a professional paint job that is designed to last. We’re so confident in our work that we offer several different guarantee-of-quality packages to back it up.

College Works Painting strives to provide each client with a superior paint job at a great price. Therefore, we spend ample time thoroughly training our crews to paint homes with an airless spray machine. The purpose of the airless spray machine is to utilize hydraulic pressure from a spray machine by a hose and into an airless spray gun in order to paint faster and save you money on your house painting costs. However, using an airless spray machine requires the skill, expertise, and advanced training that we provide to our crews. An airless spray machine is not recommended for DIY projects (clean-up is complex and the hose and gun must be cleaned daily).

At College Works Painting, the student painters and house painters go through extensive training to paint each home with the College Works Painting standard of quality. Our crews of house painters paint homes to enhance the beauty and protect the homeowner’s investment from climate conditions and weathering. We do this by using great products and delivering great surface protection. And the College Works Painting interns provide energetic and dedicated service to each client they interact with.

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Missouri Students

We’re glad you’re visiting our site. This likely means you’re currently in the process of searching for an internship in Missouri for the summer. Don’t stop. Continue researching until you find a college internship that will give you the skills and experience needed to compete in the extremely competitive job market college students are facing today. Today, you’re up against thousands of other Missouri college students who will graduate at the same time as you and apply for the same jobs as you. What’s worse is that recent college graduates won’t be the only people applying for these entry level positions. Because the economy has not recovered as quickly as expected, job seekers with several years of experience in the job force- and possibly a college degree on top of that- are competing against recent college graduates for those entry level positions.

That’s why legitimate experience gained from a college internship in Missouri is necessary for you now, while you’re still in college, to compete in the job market. Yes, your college degree is valuable but you also need real-life experience in addition to your degree to compete in the job market. Look for an internship or job that offers you responsibilities and broad based transferable skills. Scanning paperwork for even a brand name company will not give you the cutting edge and proven resume to compete in the job market after college.

At the College Works Painting internship you will learn every aspect of running of a business and in doing so you will gain the broad based skills and experience to build a competitive resume and successfully compete in the job market after college. You will manage a crew of student painters as well as house painters with years of experience, guide and interact with clients, market, sell, and book work to last throughout the entire summer, and manage the profitability of your own business. It’s an intensive internship and it won’t be easy, but if you’re up for it and make it through our extensive interview process, you won’t regret it. Especially after you earn your degree and start applying for jobs.

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