College Works Painting

College Works Painting is a college internship and a house painting company in Moscow, Idaho. At College Works Painting we have two sets of clients – exceptional college students looking to advance their careers and homeowners in need of house painting. We are determined to providing an excellent experience to both of our clients. For our college interns we strive to deliver a world-class leadership experience for them, an experience that will set them apart from their peers and transform them into real competitors in the job market after graduation. For the homeowners we work with, we strive to deliver a top quality paint job paired with the unique and rewarding experience of working with a one-of-a-kind college student. To ensure our clients receive a professional paint job each time and to ensure the greatest business success possible for our interns, College Works Painting invests a lot of time and resources properly training the student interns we hire. Our training programs are intensive. They begin almost immediately upon hire and continue throughout the course of the program. The trainings cover multiple aspects of running a house painting business. Training topics include, but certainly are not limited to, paint training, safety practices and requirements, budgets, estimates, customer service, managing profitability, and much more. During our trainings we break out into groups for group sessions and exercises to ensure active learning and participation. By the time the College Works Painting interns interact with homeowners, they are fully vetted and capable of offering the most up-to-date and relevant painting advice and services.

While College Works Painting is a seasonal internship – approximately a year, though the bulk of the internship takes place during the summer as to not interfere with the intern’s college courses – there is opportunity for growth within the company. For those who continue employment with College Works Painting after the internship program has ended, training and investment continues. At College Works Painting, relationships are everything and we value every member of our team.

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