Nebraska Homeowners

College Works Painting is a fully licensed and insured, EPA lead certified house painting company servicing homeowners and residents throughout Nebraska. College Works Painting differs from other painting contractors. We not only offer Nebraska residents a superior house painting service at a great price, we also teach the local college students how to run a house painting business over the summer. The College Works Painting internship offers Nebraska homeowners the unique experience of supporting the local community. Via College Works Painting you can help college student painters earn money to pay for tuition while you receive the benefits of working with a major house painting company that has been in business since 1993.

College Works Painting takes customer service very seriously. The College Works Painting leadership team attends customer service conferences on a regular basis to stay current with and maintain a high level of customer service initiatives. It is our mission to teach college students how to run a business with integrity and treat clients with respect and appreciation. This includes maintaining a clean and safe jobsite, following all OSHA regulations. This likely explains our unmatched 97% customer satisfaction rating.

All College Works Painting interns, house painters, and student painters go through an extensive training program to ensure each house painting project is completed on time and meets the College Works Painting standard of quality. By the time summer comes around and painting begins, all College Works Painting interns are fully vetted and passionate about painting your home. The crews of house painters have experience levels that vary, some ranging up to eight to ten years. A College Works Painting paint job is designed to add beauty and value to your home and we have the tools in place to make sure that happens.

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Nebraska Students

College is extremely tough so it’s understandable that many college students want to relax during their summer break to unwind and de-stress before class starts back up. Resist the urge to do this. College Works Painting understands how difficult it is to get accepted into college and how much work you had to put in to get accepted. That being said, college is not the finish line. While still in college you have your career to consider. In order to ensure you have a competitive edge in the job market after you graduate you need to gain work experience now while you’re still in school. You have three opportunities to do this – your three summer breaks.

Without legitimate work experience in addition to your college degree your job search after graduation will be very difficult. Many college students find themselves moving back home after college because they cannot find a job. You can avoid this by getting a job or internship in Nebraska now before you graduate. Make sure the internship you accept will provide you with job functions that will enhance your resume. The internship should allow you to gain all-encompassing work experience that you can apply to any job position in any industry. Filing paperwork over the summer will not give you the transferable skills necessary to compete in the job market.

As a College Works Painting intern you will learn how to run your very own house painting business and in doing so you will gain real work experience and skills that will apply to any job in any industry. As a College Works Painting intern you will learn personal skills, leadership skills, and business skills. You’ll learn how to run a profitable business first hand.

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