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New Jersey Homeowners

College Works Painting is a fully licensed and insured residential house painting company in New Jersey. Since 2003 College Works Painting has provided professional house painting services for New Jersey homeowners while teaching college students how to run their own house painting business via the College Works Painting internship. With the commitment of teaching local college students how to manage a business properly and delivering top quality paint jobs, New Jersey residents can expect an exceptional service at a fair price.

College Works Painting teaches our college student painters to paint to enhance the home’s beauty and protect the homeowner’s investment. We use only the top-of-the-line paints from the top painting manufacturers. The acrylic paints we use are designed to protect your home from weathering. acrylic paints will not break down, stain, or chip in the way cheaper lines might in the event the home is exposed to wind, solar, water, or other climate conditions. In addition to top quality products, the College Works Painting house painters undergo an extensive training program to ensure each home is painted in accordance with the College Works Painting standard of quality.

College Works Painting is committed to providing our clients with an exceptional and enjoyable house painting experience. The College Works Painting interns provide clear communication and consistent follow-up to ensure this happens. And the house painters, courteous and respectful, apply the right amount of energy to the preparation of each paint job (to ensure proper paint adhesion) and a paint coat that will protect your home effectively.

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New Jersey Students

You’ve made it! You’re in college and that’s an incredibly big deal and huge accomplishment. However, college is not the finish line, it’s the starting line. While in college you need to balance your education, social life, and future goals. As a college student, you need to take steps now to prepare for your future, for your career after college. You essentially have three opportunities as a college student to adequately prepare for your future – your three summer breaks.

The best preparation for you will be to get a job or internship in New Jersey each summer. Reason being, you need practical work experience in addition to your degree to get a job after college. Today, college students face one of the most challenging job markets we’ve seen in a long time. Millions of college students, thousands in New Jersey alone, are competing for jobs each year after they graduate. And they’re up against other job seekers applying for the same jobs but who have years of experience. Prepare yourself for this challenge by getting real-life work experience that will teach you practical skills which you can apply to any job.

The College Works Painting internship is incredibly challenging and extremely rewarding. College Works Painting interns learn firsthand every aspect of a running a business. As a CWP intern you will interview, hire, and manage your own staff of student painters; you will interact with clients; you will market and sell work to last the whole summer; and you will manage the profitability of your business. In doing so, you will learn profitability, growth, leadership, and organization – skills that will apply to any job position in any industry.

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