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North Carolina Homeowners

College Works Painting is a fully insured and licensed professional house painting company. Since 1998 College Works Painting has provided North Carolina residents with top quality house painting services and has given North Carolina college students the opportunity to run their own house painting company. With the College Works Painting internship, local North Carolina college students earn money to help pay for college tuition while gaining the experience needed to propel their career. Since the College Works Painting interns and student painters go through an extensive training program, homeowners can expect a top quality paint job and at a reasonable price.

As a strong nationwide company, College Works Painting paints roughly 10,000 homes a year. Therefore, we know from experience that proper paint application and the use of top quality products are essential to doing the job right. That’s why the College Works Painting house painters apply the precise amount of energy to the preparation of each project. In addition, we use only the top of the line paints which are designed to protect your home from paint flaws in the event the home is exposed to climate conditions.

At College Works Painting, we strive for 100% customer satisfaction. Unfortunately, we’re not perfect and we fall short of that goal slightly, ranking at 97% satisfaction year after year. However, at College Works Painting we believe the way we handle any form of dissatisfaction separates us from our competitors. The College Works Painting interns closely manage the house painters and student painters, and each intern works diligently with their direct supervisor and mentor. The whole team pulls together to make the project run as smoothly as possible. And in the event that more assistance is needed, we have a full staff of customer care team members located at our corporate headquarters to support the project even further.

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North Carolina Students

College, while an extremely exciting time in your life, can also be incredibly grueling with the pressure of exams, papers, deadlines, and GPAs. So it’s not surprising that many college students want to spend their summer breaks relaxing to unwind. At College Works Painting, we know how important it is for you to resist this urge. With the job market as competitive as it is, you need to take steps now, while you’re still in school, in order to ensure you find a job after college. As a college student, you have three opportunities to prepare for your future – your three summer breaks.

The job market is incredibly difficult. Each year millions of college graduates nationwide, thousands in North Carolina alone, compete for entry level positions against other job seekers who have been in the workforce for several years. Many recent college grads are forced to move back home after college because they can’t find a job. You can avoid this dilemma by getting a job or an internship in North Carolina while you’re still in college. However, the type of job or internship you get matters. Pouring coffee for a brand name company will not help advance your career because you won’t gain the transferable skills necessary to build your resume and compete in the job market. While in college, you need work experience that you can apply to any job position in any industry.

College Works Painting trains and helps college students run their own house painting business over the summer. In doing so, you’ll gain hands-on business experience by managing your own staff of house painters, interacting with your own clients, selling and booking work, and managing the profitability of your business. Yes, you will get a chance to earn serious money to help pay for college, but you’ll absolutely earn the proven resume and skills needed to compete in the job market after college.

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