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North Dakota Homeowners

Since our inception in 1993, College Works Painting has provided homeowners with professional house painting services while teaching college students how to run their own house painting company as college interns. College Works Painting is proud to be a reliable resource for high-quality house painting. With our experience and expertise in the painting industry, North Dakota homeowners can rely on us to deliver a professional paint job at a fair price.

College Works Painting understands that your home is likely your largest and most valuable investment. We approach each paint job with this in mind. Our house painters focus on first-rate preparation in order to make each paint job last and we use only top quality acrylic paint to protect your home from damages caused by weather. Your home is also protected by our full workers compensation coverage and $5,000,000 liability insurance. In addition, we’re an EPA lead certified firm that follows all OSHA regulations.

A mission of ours at College Works Painting is to grow our level of customer support and satisfaction while providing North Dakota homeowners with the best paint job around. College Works Painting has systems in place to achieve 100% customer satisfaction (we come real close to that goal with a consistent 97% customer satisfaction rating). All college student painters have a direct mentor who meets with them several times a week throughout the entire program to help the intern run a smooth and proper business. And if additional support is needed, clients and interns can rely on the full team of customer care staff located at our corporate headquarters. All this may seem unnecessary, but in the off chance something does go wrong, College Works Painting takes measures to quickly make it right.

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North Dakota Students

College is the time to plan for your future. To successfully compete in the job market after college you need practical work experience in addition to your college degree. Practical work experience that will build your resume with proven transferable skills will lay the groundwork for future successes. For you, while you’re still in college, finding a job or internship in North Dakota that provides intensive job functions (not opening mail, but actual hard work) is essential to getting a job after you graduate.

The job market is more competitive than ever. Entry level positions that used to go to recent college graduates are now being sought after by job seekers with several years of experience in the job force. Therefore, without significant work experience before you graduate, your job search will be incredibly difficult for you after college.

College students have three opportunities to separate themselves from their peers. Those are the three summer breaks you have while in college. Resist the urge to relax and unwind during the summer. Instead, get an intensive internship in North Dakota. You can start by seeking career guidance.

The College Works Painting internship provides college students with the practical skills needed to successfully compete in the job market after college. We teach management and leadership skills to college students by allowing them to run their own house painting company over the summer. If you make it through our intensive interviewing and training process, when the internship is over the opportunities for you will be great.

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